Non healing chronic wounds



 Non healing chronic wounds:

Imbalances in platelet-derived growth factors, cytokines and chemokines disrupt the healing process. The structure of inflammatory cytokines causes a cycle of tissue destruction, and the lack of a perfusion and lack of proper blood support limits wound nutrition so regeneration of wound structure and tissue matrix is ​​not advanced.

Complex wounds:

Tunnel woundsOne of the problems is the identification of tunnel wound in the tissue where most of the damage occurs out of sight and under the skin. Tunnel ulcers take longer to heal than normal ulcers.
Sinus injuries: Wounds that are difficult to access and finally PRP GEL can be used as a bioactive treatment in places where most advanced treatments are incapable, such as: Wounds with visible organs include: vessels, nerves, leprosy wounds, tendons, ligaments or bones, bed sores containing necrotic tissue.

Early detection of untreated and complex wounds:

Wounds that do not reach a 50% reduction in the first 4 weeks of standard treatment and actually show less than a 25% reduction in the wound area after the fourth week are considered complex wounds. In contrast, healing wounds are wounds that heal by more than 80% with standard treatment during the first 4 weeks.

Wound management:

In these patients, in addition to comprehensive wound management in terms of treatment of the cause, infection control, etc., every week, ROYAG PRP gel is applied topically to the wound and bandaged with Vaseline gas in the kit. 24 to 48 hours later (Preferably 36 hours) the gel dressing is opened and after rinsing with physiological serum, the usual care should be done until the next visit (next week). Most sources do not recommend dressing for more than 12 weeks. Evidence of clinical response is considered as the ability to produce positive results, response intensity, response time, and number of treatments to achieve a positive response.

Platelet gel dressing will have a significant effect on reducing the costs incurred by the patient and the community and the quality of life of patients, so use methods that shorten the recovery period and prevent amputation in cases resistant to conventional treatments. It has always been considered. ROYAG PRP gel with a special processing formulation contains cytokines, growth factors, chemokines and fibrin coating of the patient's blood. The mechanism of action is cellular and molecular induction of wound healing response similar to that seen in platelet activity.

Most indications and contraindications:

This technique has been approved by the CAG-00190R3 for the treatment of chronic wounds and has received FDA approval in the dressing of chronic wounds. He pointed out the wounds caused by spinal cord injuries. In this regard, Rooyagen PRP-Gel Kit has received CE approval.

Performance indicators and expected results:


81.3% of wounds less than 7 cm with complete healing in a mean time of 6.2 weeks and randomized clinical trial (RCT) for diabetic foot wounds were completely healed.

In a large clinical trial using PRP gel on 285 patients in 39 centers, in a clinical trial without this treatment, with an average time of 327 days, 96% of all wounds with an average recovery of 15 days (average 2 weeks and an average of 3 dressings were reported.

In a large retrospective longitudinal study, despite increasing the depth, surface and volume of wounds after 75 days of standard treatment, by starting treatment with platelet gel with an average of 6 dressings, complete recovery was achieved in 83% of cases and patients entered the next phases. And amputation of the lower limb was prevented.




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  • Rooyagen brand (ROOYA GEN) owned by Aria Mabna TashKhis -Knowledge based -Company, was born in 2010. Rooyagen, while entering the field of medical device production, became the first platelet processing and concentrating (PRP) kit in Iran after obtaining the relevant licenses. The first product in the Rooyagen PRP kit was for musculoskeletal use.

  • From the beginning of 2013, Rooyagen was able to launch another product in the field of skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment. One of the honors of the Rooyagen brand is active participation in scientific and academic forums. The products of this brand have been cited in several (more than 50) scientific articles and have received over 1000 referral citation from scientific studies.

  • Following the path of research and development in 2016, another product of Rooyagen was produced for the treatment of chronic wounds. This kit was produced as a platelet gel with high durability and Sustain release technology and brought brilliant results. Accompaniment of professors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences - Shariati Hospital was published and is now available in clinics for the treatment of diabetic wounds and other chronic wounds

  • Simultaneously with achieving promising results for the treatment of infertility worldwide, Rooyagen product for infertility uses such as recurrent miscarriage and thin endometrium, has successfully passed its research and development stages and with the cooperation of professors of Taleghani Hospital- Beheshti University of Medical Sciences It has been clinically proven and its results have been published in authoritative ISI articles. Fortunately, today most infertility centers in the country are using this product to help infertile couples. we are proud continuing this path with your support and enthusiasm for new services to patients in need ...

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